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dutch food banks #staysafeengeef campaign

the briefing

Our friends at Honig, a Dutch heritage brand of the KraftHeinz company, called us for help. They have a long relationship with Dutch Food Banks. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the Dutch Food Banks were not able to supply their clients with food. They now need money to do their work, so a fundraising campaign was needed. Timeline: 48 hours.

the strategy

Dutch Food Banks operates through a massive volunteer workforce. Because of the pandemic, the volunteers were now at home – much to their frustration. We turned this problem into a platform: Dutch Food Banks volunteers, shot in their homes, explain the problem and call for people to take action.

the campaign

We had volunteers call for people to take action. We asked them to film themselves in their homes, reading a statement and call to action. We had donators and influencers share a “heart hand” selfie, which became the symbol for #staysafeandgeef (“stay safe and donate”). The hashtag is used now by many other brands and organizations to get attention for their charity work for Dutch Food Banks. The campaign consists of online film, social media, bannering, TVC, OOH and print. Many brands and organizations, from KFC to Ajax, have embraced #staysafeengeef. But without counting these or any governmental support, the revenues of the fundraiser surpassed a whopping 1 million euros

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