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introducing arla skyr creamy with a natural phenomena

the briefing

Arla's Skyr is a very successful product. Arla now introduces a variant that is more creamy but still packed with proteins. Creative agency Being There used the Icelandic natural phenomena of the Northern Light to underline the wonder and beauty of traditional dairy making.

the approach

Travelling to Icelands and shooting the Northern Light for real was never an option. Not only because of the pandemic but also because a natural phenomena can be quite...unpredictable. The original idea was to use green screen to place our protagonist near the Northern Lights. Chuck Studios founder and director/DOP Olaf van Gerwen decided to use projection instead. He feels that if the viewer feels technology in the film, it takes away from the naturalness a food related image deserves. With projection, the lighting on our heroine's face would match exactly that of her surrounding. Any chroma key artefacts would be a thing of the past too.
The film was shot on a soundstage in two separate sets. High speed cinebot Bolt was swooping our Phantom Flex in one set, whilst Arri Alexa shot our talent and projection background in the other set. In the BTS below you can see how a servo motor controls the spoon to create exactly the right movement in the product.

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