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how KFC rules the night

a new identity for the most famous fried chicken in the world

the briefing

Create a Culinary Identity based on KFC’s campaign UNITED BY THE BUCKET, developed by agency Cloudfactory. The campaign shows how different people can be united by a bucket of chicken – the most democratic of meals – in celebration of diversity. Because amazing things happen if you open up and share a bucket.

the strategy

Daytime is important for work and school. But the night…that is when you express yourself. It’s when you surrender to random encounters. Share experiences. Build memories.
We discovered that our audience makes it a night out at KFC. We took that and translated it into our Culinary Foundation: RULE THE NIGHT.

the culinary identity

‘Rule the Night’ dictates all choices in food depiction. The colourful background represents the abstract glow of nighttime. Its shine permeates into the food. Chicken wings swoop out of soaring buckets. Hungry hands reach out to crispy tenders and wings. The food is never static. Crumbles fly about, sauces drip and drinks are splashy: just the right amount of messy. We gave the food the same dynamic as the consumers: never bored, always moving on to what’s next.

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