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unilever’s oldest dutch pantry staple

revitalising a classic dutch food brand

Every single Dutch household has Unox products on shelf. The broad range of soups, classic meat products and meat replacements is a celebration of Dutch winter food heritage. Unox is all about providing the nutritional values to get you through the harsh Dutch winter.

the briefing

Create a Culinary Identity that visualises Unox' new positioning


Nothing feels more cozy and comfortable than coming home on a cold Dutch winter’s day. At the dinner table of your home, you can unwind and be your true self. We carefully craft food images that show the warm embrace of coming home.

the culinary identity

Everything we do is measured by that warm embrace. And that speaks volumes. For instance: an embrace, you cannot do alone. Putting that warmth on screen inspires a distinct colour pallet for Unox. A signature blue-green represents the cold Dutch winter outside and glowy orange hue relates to that warm light over the dinner table. A detailed study was conducted for materials, props, textures, lighting and angles.

Lots of consideration was given to Unilever’s ambition to use their brands as a force for good. Robust choices were made to embed this ambition in our food depiction, steering consumers towards a more healthy and sustainable eating pattern.

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