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how does the food tell a story?

the new culinary identity for the dairy of Campina

the briefing

While TBWA\Neboko in Amsterdam was refreshing the visual identity of the Campina brand, questions about the food depiction came up. Campina was relying on category traditions and focussed too much on packs instead of food. As a result, taste appeal, consistency and impact were sub par. Campina commissioned Chuck Studios to create a Culinary Identity.

the strategy

We took a deep dive in to the Campina brand DNA. We extracted four strong culinary values that gave the perfect guidance.
We brought the archetype of the brand to life by giving the Supportive Caregiver a soul.

the culinary identity

We verbalised Campina’s culinary foundation with the words The Caregivers Gift. Campina takes care of you, a bit like a mother would. She brings gifts, unconditionally.

How does that look? We put the Caregiver in the frame, or hint at her presence. The food is her gift. It is always in motion: pouring, spooning or spreading. This makes the food look natural, dynamic and tangible.

We also used the culinary values to select a series of spoons, glasses, bowls and green styling elements like napkin, placemat, table-runner and dishcloth. Packed them in a sturdy case, ready to use by Campina’s key agencies.

Nice to know: we micro-shot a blade of fresh grass, the source of Campina’s goodness. That green is now the basis of the refreshed visual identity.

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