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Practice is perfect

The cutest Culinary Identity for Blue Band

the briefing

One of the challenges for Blue Band was that margarine is often solely seen as the glue that binds toppings to bread. However, this breakfast staple, that Dutch families have enjoyed since 1923, is also plant-based and contains essential healthy fats and vitamins.

the strategy

Kids benefit the most from the Blue Band product range, but parents are lacking the nutritional information. After researching and exploring a solution we advised on how best this message can be conveyed in food depiction. We leant that when kids get involved and help in the kitchen they are more likely to choose healthy foods. This interaction draws out the natural inquisitive nature of children and gets them excited to explore healthy options. Playing with your food is not only fun but healthy too!

the culinary identity

The quote by renowned poet and essayist Diane Ackerman, ‘Play is our brains' favourite way of learning’, was the inspiration for our culinary foundation: ‘Practice is Perfect’. We embraced the endearing curiosity and charming clumsy nature of children in its own unique way. As we wanted to show that Blue Band is cheering them on to learn by doing. Resulting in the most beautiful imperfect Blue Band food creations where we see cute hands of young children helping in the kitchen.


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