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a journey of taste

Yildriz as your tour guide of taste

the briefing

Yildriz is one of the leading Dutch sauce brands, known for their squeeze bottles and signature pointy caps. Yildriz asked us to introduce a new Hot version of their classic Turkish garlic sauce. After the first review, Yildriz was so impressed with our idea that they decided to expand the message into a campaign for their full sauces range.

the strategy

Yildriz flavours are influenced by local recipes from all over the world. We made the campaign feel like a journey of flavours: we made super macro ‘travelling shots’ through landscapes of tasty dishes.

the campaign

We matched four popular sauces with fitting dishes. As a viewer, you’ll witness the super satisfying landing of sauces on beautiful foods – in a front-row seat perspective. The top of the Yildriz bottle is the centrepiece and, let’s be honest, the source of all the goodness.
We also made three tag-ons for individual sauces, in which the travelling shot reveals ingredients as well as the bottles of Sriracha, Allioli and the new Turkish Garlic Hot sauces.

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