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Luxurious Vodka Campaign

Our Stunning Shoot for Finlandia's Flavored Vodkas

Recently, we received a new project from Finlandia, one of the leading vodka brands in the market. They wanted to showcase their new line of botanical and flavored vodkas, and we were more than happy to take on the challenge. Our friends from 180/DBB approached us with the project, and we were ready to shoot at our home base studio in Amsterdam.
Our director and photographer, Erik de Koning, led the project, and we were eager to put our liquid specialist in the spotlight once again. To prepare for the shoot, we had 13 days of planning before the two-day shooting period. We used the ARRI ALEXA camera to produce a super clear and beautiful film.

For this project, we had the opportunity to build a more luxurious set that would complement the elegance of Finlandia's botanical and flavored vodkas. Erik was especially pleased with this opportunity and was even more impressed with the talented crew we put together. In addition, the models displayed excellent focus and professionalism throughout the shoot, which made the whole production process even smoother.
Working with 180/DBB as a team for the first time was an exciting experience. We were grateful for their excellent communication and teamwork, helping the production process go smoothly. As a nice way to wrap up the project, we made some delicious Finlandia cocktails.

In the end, we delivered 11 key visuals, 4 x 6” films, and 1 x 15” film that perfectly showcased the beauty and sophistication of Finlandia's new line of botanical and flavored vodkas. We were thrilled with the final results and were grateful to have been a part of such a fantastic project.

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