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One Bite and You’re Home

the first bite is best for Verkade

the briefing

We doubt there’s a brand more Dutch than Verkade. Everyone who grew up in The Netherlands is familiar with its iconic biscuits and chocolate products. Verkade embraces cozy feel-good vibes you only experience in the ease of your own home. The challenge was to create a Culinary Identity to fit, that would be applicable to all products.

the strategy

We decided to heroise the products instead of the packs. But how?
It turned out the solution was right in front of us: the campaign tagline ‘One Bite and You’re Home’ became our culinary foundation.

the culinary identity

Biscuits are shown with a bite already out, which symbolises taste and approachability. A little further back there's a pile of cookies. Because at home, there is plenty to share. Together they are the visual manifestation of the foundation ‘One Bite and You’re Home’. We also codified angles, colours, shot sizes and many other variables. Our Culinary Identity proudly instructs depiction on all touch points, from packaging to TV spots and from in-store to Instagram.

social media

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