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Beer for tigers

We flew to Vietnam to film this beer advertising

the briefing

To announce the arrival of a new sleek design of Tiger beer can, our liquid specialist Erik de Koning went all the way to outer space to capture its sophisticated form and dive into its signature bold taste. First, he travelled to Vietnam, where he teamed up with the crew from Ginger Shots and created an ethereal film celebrating the new look of a premium Singaporean beer brand.

the approach

The shiny metallic can was reimagined as a spaceship weightlessly floating in space and steadily approaching our planet. As its imposing length fills the screen, the anticipation of something magnificent about to happen is rising. And before we know it, we’re falling into the vortex of precious golden liquid, swirling around the bubbles and sensing the freshness with all our senses. But just as the turbulence inside of the can calms down, we’re abruptly being pulled out of the hypnotizing liquid, and the majestic can is finally revealed in its entirety.

Before the actual shoot, there was an extensive testing phase as the project involved working with demanding surfaces and textures, high-end technology and equipment, complex camera movements, and different special effect rigs that made the impossible possible. The first phase of testing was done remotely, with Erik supervising from our studio in Amsterdam alongside producing the photography part of the campaign.

The film shoot took place in Ho Chi Minh, where Erik was greeted with utmost kindness and respect. A high level of production organization and a very hard-working crew ensured that this ambitious project led to a satisfactory outcome.

* Dzô!
Vietnamese Cheers!

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