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Developing and Shooting Cocktail Recipes for Lipton

Chuck Studios took the reins for the latest Lipton Green Tea social media campaign, and what a fun project it turned out to be! We shot everything right here at our home base in Amsterdam. Adding to the charm of the project, one of our dear old Chuck colleagues stepped in as one of the hand models. Not only was it great to have a friendly face on set, but her expertise in holding cocktails brought an authentic touch to the production ;)– she really did make everything look effortlessly natural!

We crafted a total of eight recipe videos, each designed to showcase Lipton Green Tea in a creatively refreshing way. Directing this flavor-packed journey was Erik de Koning teaming up with our Art Director Stefano Crose, while the up-and-coming Sasha Horsthuis took charge as the Director of Photography, capturing every pour and splash. We were excited to collaborate with Lipton, given our genuine passion for their products and brand.

The preparation involved eight intense days ended in meticulously planning 80 shots. These were all captured over a whirlwind two-day shoot, a feat that required detailed coordination and creativity. Vince, our brilliant liquid stylist, developed each cocktail recipe from scratch. His passion and focus ensured that every drink not only looked beautiful but also tasted delicious.

This project was a blend of hard work and creativity - the foundation of many great projects. It was an enjoyable and successful production. Cheers to many more refreshing collaborations!

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