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Tabletop Magic: 50 Assets for 5 Postobón Brands

It was amazing, even though it wasn’t our usual film production. Five brands, 50 assets delivered between shots and images, and a countless number of bubbles!

But let’s go back in time for a moment. How did we land this client?

Well, the truth is that the client landed on us. It’s incredible, beautiful, and sometimes it just happens.
One day, we received a phone call from the other side of the ocean, which made it even more unusual. The number started with +57, the prefix of Colombia. They introduced themselves, and we soon knew we were talking with FlareBBDO. They told us they had been following our work for quite some time and wanted Chuck Studios to take care of their next liquid tabletop production.

We were overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions and reactions. We blushed, flattered, and started playing with our hair, for those who still have it. When we regained our composure, we began asking for more information.

The scope was simple: it wasn’t a tabletop film we needed to make, but a series of gorgeous shots for five brands of one of their clients, Postobón, the company with the largest market share in the non-alcoholic beverage industry in Colombia.

The brands are: Colombiana, Bretaña, Acqua, Manzana, and Postobón flavours.
Each brand has a very unique and strong identity.

Our Liquid Director Erik de Koning and Art Director Stefano Crose began a journey into the different brand worlds, diving into all the materials Postobón and the agency shared with us. This phase is all about reading, watching, understanding, and sourcing the right images/videos, whether liquid-related or not. Anything that can communicate the right 'vibe' through colours, angles, movements, interactions, etc. All under the supervision of our Creative Director Kristy Snell.

By conducting thorough 'creative due diligence,' you gain full control over your creative approach. Only when you fully understand the archetype behind each identity can you be sure that anything you propose will resonate with the brands.

Of course, there are cultural nuances that need to be addressed, but that is the easy part and often just requires a good and open conversation with the client.

After ensuring that we understood each brand, presenting the overall creative direction to the client, and winning the pitch, we started working on a shot list.

In this phase, we involved our SFX wizards Willem Vrederick van Haeren and Leonardo Grassi. Thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience in making the impossible possible, we were able to integrate quite a few 'acrobatic' and beautiful shots for each brand.

Once we got approval on the epic shot list, we started working on the different sets based on the first creative deck. We worked even harder, if that’s possible, to bring our ideas to life in terms of art direction and practicality for each shot, considering the lighting setup, the bolt robot, different rigs, and all the equipment we used. At the same time, Willem and Leonardo started testing the most complex shots on our list, leading up to the shooting days.

All kinds of crazy rigs were 3D printed, polished, programmed, and tested—not without failures and adjustments. This is the part where our job gets dirty and satisfying.
We got six bottles pouring in a sequence with millisecond and millimeter precision, a rollercoaster of bottles positioned for a flyover with the Bolt Robot carrying our beloved Phantom Camera, a rig that can pop open soda bottles in repetition without failure (well, more or less), and much, much more!

After that came the post-production phase: online and grading. This last part was in the experienced hands of our Tristen Mackanzie, who was able to create the richest black for Bretaña and pull out all the vibrant colours of the other brands.

To recap: five creative approaches for five brands to deliver 50 different assets produced over eight shooting days—five for videos and three for photography—all ended in a blasting party in our small club with Latin sounds and other kinds of shots!

A total success!

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