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Valess ft. Van Gogh

Valess - Waves of Flavour

the briefing

Valess wanted a playful, family-friendly image, that would keep them away from the snack bar association. This popped the question ‘How can we make a breaded product feel light and playful?’

the strategy

The typical creative process involves cracking a concept and then moving into testing. But here, the magic unfolded a bit differently. The initial thought of curvy veggies pointing upwards led Kristy to more discoveries while testing. Through this reverse engineering approach, Kristy found the missing pieces and successfully completed the puzzle.

the culinary identity

The act of raising or lifting something physically higher. That’s what uplifting literally means. Inspired by this concept, Kristy brought colourful veggie side dishes like curly carrots and curvy cucumbers into the picture. There's a heartwarming and weightless feel to these veggies. They’re there on your plate smiling right back at you.

Creative choices inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night were brought into play when developing ‘Waves of Flavour’ as a Culinary Identity. Contrasting textures and colours brought in the flavour. Just like the bright moon in Starry Night, Valess' product is the clear protagonist. The swirls and waves make it feel playful and light, supporting the main character in its composition.

Together with agency Design Bridge and Partners in Singapore, who designed the packaging, we were responsible for shooting all the packshots to create a brand refresh that extends far beyond the logo.

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