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Pepsi Meets KFC

A Fusion of Live Action and Tabletop Magic

Football is exciting, but let's get real—without awesome food, it's like cheese without wine. Once we got the briefing, we were excited to work on the creative concept. We were briefed to feature Pepsi accompanied by KFC during different football scenarios.

Kristy Snell, Stefano Crose and Ximena Pineda, within our creative team, drafted several scripts in order to find the sweet spot between the two brands. There was a final selection of seven micro films that featured a young cast enjoying food in different social settings, while watching the UEFA Champions League. We then curated the Art Direction that connected both brands, which came to life by working with set designers.

Executing this project was an absolute blast! We built three sets in one studio. And this one, has been one of the biggest ones we’ve pulled off. We captured great energy in the room topped off by tasty bites and refreshing cues. All thanks to Director Kristy screaming ‘Goaaaaal’ to evoke reactions behind the camera. And hats off to our big crew who brought it all to life.

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