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Making Veggies Sexy

We shot Sexy Pasta food photography for the last Julia's campaign

the briefing

Creature Amsterdam approached us with a bold new concept for Julias. They wanted to make veggies 'sexy'. This has yet to be done before to the creatives liking, and this is no easy task. Nevertheless, we got to work with bubbling excitement to explore a concept that seemed to be an untouched land. The name 'Julia's Sexy Veggie' was elegantly assigned to this campaign. The goal was to walk away with 3 visuals and 3 gifs that sparkled in just the right places. This campaign was shot with Director and Photographer Kristy Snell at our Amsterdam Studio. Kristy took on the challenge of her first shoot with skin close-ups like a seasoned veteran.

the approach

Working on 'Julia's Sexy Veggie' was exciting for several reasons. Firstly, we got to have people prominently in the shoot. Let me repeat that, Chuck Studios photograph people too! Secondly, we had the opportunity to spin a type of food in a way that has barely been explored. And Last but not least, our in-house models Didi and Anouk had their moment to shine, as well as Creature's Ronja. Over the one shoot day, we shot one visual with each of our models.
The studio was filled with great energy and excitement on the shoot day, as if we were embarking on a ship taking us to the new and improved sexy veggie land. The shoot resulted in three visuals, three gifs, and one happy client. Find the final results on social media, Julia's stores, and train stations around the Netherlands.

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