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It’s Miller Time

Miller’s New Culinary Identity: A Bouncing Beer Experience

the briefing

It's hard to deny that the beer category has fallen into a repetitive patterns. Flip through beer advertisements and you'll likely encounter similar visuals: yellow, bubbles, and foam.

Chuck Studios was asked to give Miller Genuine Draft a Culinary Identity. In other words, a unique and consistent way of depicting its product to stand out among its competitors across all 18 markets.

the strategy

Miller is a beer for young people socialising in high-energy bars, clubs, and parties. We knew it was time for Miller to break the mold. Therefore, we decided to think outside of the bottle and draw inspiration from beer drinkers that like to party. And when there’s a party there’s music. We used the power of music and sound to help design the beer.

the culinary identity

We discovered that the music that our audience listens to, particularly the bass, creates fascinating patterns or sound waves in the beer. As the music hits the liquid, it causes vibrations that ripple through the beer in unique and mesmerising patterns which we timed to always be in sync with the tempo of the music. So music and sound actually helped us design the look of the liquid. It’s all real: just sound and beer. It’s all analog physics, no CGI or AI involved.

The next challenge was to make packshots that look just as dynamic as the product. Miller’s beer is for parties, so why keep its bottles static? The SFX department developed technology to also make bottles on a surface dance in sync with the music.

So, next time you see beer and bottles dance to the music, you'll know it's Miller Time.

case study

Wondering how we did it? Click on the case study at the top of the page for a detailed look in to the technology and process of the culinary identity for Miller. Enjoy!

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