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Crispy Collaboration: KFC and Cheetos Food Film by Chuck Studios

Introducing the epic and oh-so-cheesy collaboration between KFC and Cheetos!

We joined forces with Good People to bring you mouthwatering food shots for the new KFC x Cheetos campaign.
Picture this: Colonel Sanders' finger-lickin' good chicken meets Chester the Cheetah's crunchy, cheesy delight.

It's a match made in crispy, crunchy heaven!

Why did KFC choose us? Well, our cherished partnership with Good People and our specialized tabletop production skills made us the perfect fit. Plus, we have a dedicated KFC set in-house. Talk about a recipe for success!

We filmed using the top-notch Sony Venice 6K and Phantom 4K cameras for those ultra-detailed, slow-motion shots. Chester the Cheetah was brought to life with CGI magic, making the content more dynamic and exciting. The OG Colonel from Dubai flew in, complete with a fake mustache and belly for that iconic look. We even overcame the challenge of sourcing real Cheetos breading in time by sending a team member on a plane to Dubai to grab the goods!

This campaign isn't just about launching a new product; it's about creating an experience. So, dive into the fun and enjoy the delicious combo of KFC and Cheetos. It's finger-lickin' cheesy goodness!

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