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KFC Chicken and Lays Flamin’ Hot Chips

Explosive KFC x Lays Flamin’ Hot collaboration requires pyrotechnics

the brief

We had the wonderful opportunity to produce a very exciting film for KFC Arabia, it was a special campaign highlighting a product collaboration where two giants, KFC X Lay's Flamin' Hot, joined forces. Things were about to get Flamin' Hot and we were the ones to capture it! The Production took place in Amsterdam at Singel Film Studio, shooting tabletop and live-action all under the same roof. We were tasked with delivering a wide range of 28 deliverables for this project.
Director Niels la Croix brought his fresh perspective to uplift the created concept. It was a rewarding experience to work on this campaign and we are excited to share the final results.

the approach

Our preparation for this shoot began a month in advance, ensuring that every detail was meticulously planned before the cameras started rolling. The scale of the production filled us with immense excitement. We allocated two days of shooting in Amsterdam and built two sets that could be shot in tandem, allowing us to utilize the large studio in a time efficient manner. 
To achieve the breathtaking visuals, we used top-of-the-line equipment, such as the Sony Venice camera, renowned for its ability to deliver crisp and clear shots. Enhancing our creative vision, we utilized the Optex borescope lens (under 50 in the world) and Bolt motion control. For a truly immersive experience, we employed an underwater borescope rig (only one in the world), allowing us to capture the sizzling chicken frying in oil. To add an element of intensity to the scene, we incorporated pyrotechnics, showcasing the heat and excitement of the new meal.

Driven by ambition and efficiency, we successfully managed to encompass all the necessary shots within the span of two days. Building two sets concurrently, we maximized our productivity and brought our vision to life. Now, the KFC x Lays Flamin’ Hot commercial has taken the Middle East by storm, captivating audiences across various online platforms.

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