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it's the dough

At New York Pizza they focus on what’s important: The dough

What is the most import thing about a pizza?
Sure you can tempt everyone with a mouthwatering pepperoni pizza, but according to New York Pizza It’s all in the dough. In their new campaign they shift focus from the ordinary pizza, to the start of the process: the making. If you don’t start with good dough, you’ll never get a great pizza.
Our food director Kristy Snell, in collaboration with Amsterdam agency Alfred's smart new cousin Freddy, made the dough come alive. The first half of the spot shows jumping balls of dough, kneading them thoroughly and making it into the pizza that tastes best. Playful quirkiness against the brands iconic green colour.

It’s not just the pizza, it’s the dough. So tasty you can't wait for it.

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