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global refreshment campaign for Miller Genuine Draft

fresh beer and sunsets - what's not to like?

the briefing

How do we get more international premium beer drinkers to desire and drink Miller Genuine Draft beer? The beer is super fresh, crisp and cold filtered a whopping four times. The creative idea is centered around capturing this freshness.


This begs for a world of refreshment cues. Droplets and bubbles are captured mid air, against a sunset-y backdrop. We follow the droplets on their majestic journey, as an invisible force pulls the liquid back inside the bottle. It splashes and swooshes inwards and downwards in waves, plunges and swirls. All that freshness is captured in an iconic bottle and when it opens…it unleashes like a force of nature. All of that excitement takes place when a golden sunset kisses your skin.

how did we do it?

It isn’t often that the glass of a beer bottle is transparent. The gorgeous golden color of the product immediately pops. A distinct color palette was defined. It consists of the gold of the actual product, a beautiful sunset sky in dark blue-green and the black & red that are the brand cues.
For a European beer snob like Olaf van Gerwen, director and DOP on the project, shooting for Miller Genuine Craft beer was a perfect match. Willem van Muijden, special effects supervisor at Chuck Studios, had to go all out and build his most intricate gravity removal device to date. Building of the rigs that made the beer fly, swirl and splash took him many hours of trial and error in our Special Effects lab.

As Paul Cornell, Global Brand Director Miller put it beautifully: ‘BBDO and Chuck Studios created a truly crave inducing fresh film, which will make Miller Genuine Craft even more appealing around the world.’

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. And drinking the remaining Miller! Enjoy the BTS below to get an impression on how things went down.

behind the scene

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