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Meet Jack Culinary Identity - vegan dishes - cover

good food grows on trees

Our first vegan Culinary Identity for Meet Jack

the briefing

Meet Jack has created a wide range of signature Asian and fusion street food dishes where they substitute meat for jackfruit. The 100% vegan brand tasked us with creating a unique Culinary Identity to distinguish them from the competition and to reflect their true brand values.


Jackfruit grows on trees. Meet Jack uses only natural unprocessed jackfruit, which encourages people to grow towards a more sustainable lifestyle with them. We verbalised the brand's culinary foundation: “Serve Natural Growth”.

the culinary identity

The solution was simple: the ’slice’ of a tree opens up a world of gorgeous texture that has 'growth' written all over it. Concentric growth rings represent the origin and growth of their star ingredient, the jackfruit. They also underline Meet Jack's sustainable growth: ready to serve the world in an all-natural, healthy, eco-friendly, and delicious way.

Vibrant green toppings complement the dark brown tones of the surface and golden hues of the product. And there you have it: a signature surface and a distinct colour palette rooted in the brand's DNA.

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  • Meet Jack Culinary Identity - vegan dishes - cover