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A Big Mac Surprise

The Big Mac is Back: A Twist of Poultry Perfection

Ever wondered what a Big Mac with chicken would taste like? Well, stop wondering, the ingredient twist we never knew we needed: The Big Mac…Chicken is here. One might ask, what has the world come to? We don’t know, but we do know we like this crispy revolution.

Featuring the classic ingredients that made the Big Mac so deliciously-iconic: a sesame seed bun, iceberg, pickles, cheese and, yes that famous Big Mac sauce. But now with two chicken patties! So crispy, so simple, so…right!

But that's not all. The film also introduces the Shaker Fries. Picture this: order your fries, add the paprika powder to the bag, give it a shake, and there you have it – a
nice little ritual.

Director Kristy Snell enjoyed the paprika fries on set and can’t wait to try the Chicken Big Mac at McDonald's.

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