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winter rösti

with a Milo robot, we shot the last commercial for McDonald's Germany

As the year comes to an end, another seasonal burger makes its way back to the menu. This time, we’re talking about a German staple, that one burger that has every German begging for its reappearance during winter. The TVC aimed to promote the Big Rösti, giving this beauty the attention it deserves.

The shoot was directed by Natascha Brandt, working with Olaf van Gerwen as the DoP-Co-Director. Natascha envisioned and sketched the whole storyboard herself. Her limitless imagination delivered breathtaking visuals, which were helpful when developing the final TVC. A fun fact about her inspiration is that the opening shot was mainly inspired by Beyonce. The Big Rösti appears under a spotlight and it gives the shot a superstar's entrance.

We requested Milo robot’s services. This portable motion control system was beneficial in capturing the intricate camerawork that we envisioned for this specific shoot. A payload capacity of 35 kilos was more than enough for the Sony Venice fill-frame digital camera mounted on the motion control rig.

Juergen Zimmerstadt jumped on board, as the food stylist on set, who travelled to Amsterdam all the way from Germany. This burger was meant to be styled by no one else than a German, and we knew that very well!

A crew of 17 people worked for one whole day on the shoot. Everything ran smoothly, from the initial discussion to the creative vision and the final shoot. The client wanted something dark, yet warm at the same time, taking into account the upcoming Christmas and holiday season.

We received Röstis for days following the shoot, which was hilarious. They were stuck at customs when we needed to shoot them, and decided to arrive once we were done with the shoot!

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