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summer in a beer glass

eight shots to recreate an authentic Italian riviera experience

How do you talk summer?

One way is to show beautiful models in their swimsuits on a beach during a sunny day but, what if you are a tabletop liquid Director and must use mainly beer?
On top of that, how can you communicate an authentic feeling that represents an important Italian beer brand?

These were the two challenges Erik De Koning had to solve for Birra Moretti’s campaign.
He found the answer in one element: the sea.

Nothing talks summer like a panorama terrace that recalls an Italian Riviera. Timeless, Classy, relaxed, and warm.

This was the cornerstone to create the setup but, what about the beer?
Beer must talk of freshness, bubbling pleasure, and needs to be dynamic.

To check all these characteristics, again, the sea comes to help with its infinite inspiration.
Especially the mediterranean sea which is placid and elegant in its movements.

Here we are, now all the elements are there for the perfect shot-list, eight shots to be precise, designed with a gorgeous colour palette of blues, yellows, and whites.

One production day was dedicated to all the slow-motion shots with the bolt robot carrying the high frame rate Phantom camera.
We used it to frame droplets, gentle waves, a glass dive, rising foam, and what’s never missing in a good beer, bubbles! Yes, UK you heard it, BUBBLES!

The second day was dedicated to the live-action part. Unfortunately, we didn’t travel to Capri but created a belvedere here in our studios in Amsterdam. The sea was printed on a backdrop, between it and our star (the beer, of course!) props that layer the scene to make it feel more real, more authentic.

Now that you are immersed in this summer vibe, pop one, lay back, and enjoy this gorgeous film, we are sure you will taste the sea salt on the tip of your tongue, especially if what you popped is a Moretti - Sale di Mare

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