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Chicken Films

McDonald’s & Chuck Studios: A match made in Chicken

Directing the entire McDonald’s Chicken range:
McDonald’s asked us to create, produce and direct nine 15" films to showcase their complete chicken range. When we got the brief we knew it would be a match made in chicken for our director Kristy Snell. The uncluttered art direction really resonates with her ongoing appreciation for a clean aesthetic. Not to mention, she has a knack for making any food look fun and delicious — a style that pairs well with McDonald’s playful, yet tasty brand values. The client loved her ideas, in particular the nugget stop motion equaliser. To create a consistent look throughout the nine films, she created a structure where each film had a slow-motion shot, a playful shot, and a sexy sauce shot.
Each film begins with a McDonald’s mealtime tip, our tip: make sure you have a McD’s order on its way, as these films are sure to make you hungry!

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