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Original edit gets remixed

New tabletop commercial for KFC's Twister

Why reinvent the wheel when you can recycle? A while back Natascha shot and directed a film for KFC’s Twister. Pickles, cheese and a peri peri sauce gave Olaf a new playground to remix the Twister. The edit tossed Natascha's Twister shots into Olaf's peri peri new ones.

The set is slowly becoming more than just a set. By replicating it multiple times, following the Mother Campaign's lead, it's transforming into a Distinctive Brand Asset.

Oh yeah and here’s a random fun fact. The look and feel of the Mother Campaign featured the film through a smudged lens. The act of recycling did not only take place in the shots. Olaf used the peri peri sauce itself to get a smudged lens. Luckily we had sent him on a mission to Cairo where he gathered all the details for the set during the Mother Campaign.

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