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Drone shots for KFC SA

We partnered once again with Ogilvy SA to create the newest campaign for KFC SA

the brief

We were over the moon when Ogilvy South Africa called us for their latest campaign for KFC South Africa. We knew by experience this would mean another exciting but challenging project but obviously we were super excited to have the opportunity to work with them again, especially with the creative potential the scripts had to offer.
The campaign consisted of two meal campaigns, the SBWL Sharing Meal and the Box Club ft Dunked Box Meals. Of which aimed to highlight the SA youth sharing meals with beautiful live-action shots featuring food, lust, and abundance. The client also wanted to add more mouthwatering work to their already impressive visual library they created with us together so far.

the strategy

We partnered up with With Milk Films as our service production partner once again and rekindled our collaboration with director Joris Noordenbos. The project had minimal pre-production time, leaving us with only eight days of prep time before the first shooting day on March 14th. Despite this, we were determined to lift our previous work to a higher level by adding more live-action shots to the films.

In addition to shooting our food shots within the well-established in-studio KFC kitchen set, the scripts also required shooting at three exterior locations: an actual KFC store, a skatepark, and an outdoor parking lot. Allowing us to elevate our food shots with exciting live action accompaniment.

We utilized a variety of equipment, including the Optex Excellence lens, known as a masterpiece amongst probe lenses, which helped to again, create the distinctive feel for the food shots. Because of the absence of Motion Control, our grip installations were once again extensive, both for studio food shots and for the location day. We even had the opportunity to use a drone in the shooting process, which was highly appreciated by Joris.

We had the pleasure of teaming up again with Alejandro Madrid as DOP, the local service production partner With Milk Films, and a super strong crew. The food stylist, Bianca Delides, and 1st AD, Coenie van Dyk, were both fantastic additions to the team, along with art director Naobie Noisette, who helped design and elevate the KFC kitchen set and art direction at the locations. We also seized the opportunity to use some super cool rigs, including a 360 rig to circulate around the drumsticks, conveyor belts for dramatically dropping the ingredients in slo-mo and rigs enabling us to attach the camera to the KFC-cooling racks with chicken filets being carried through the kitchen set. We even used real hot oil for the frying shots!

the campaign

Despite the short time, we managed to "build the plane while flying," and both the client and agency were more than thrilled with the collaboration. The deliverables were 3 x 20” TVC and 3 x 10” direct cutdowns, which will be shown on TV in South Africa for 6 months, with all assets also being shared online and on social media.

Overall, we were thrilled to work on this campaign and push our creative limits to capture mouthwatering visuals that perfectly highlighted the SA youth sharing meals. Working with our amazing team, we were able to deliver a successful project that left both the client and agency jumping up and down with excitement.

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