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Had the colonel dancing

Boundless Partnership: Chuck Studios x Goodpeople

We embarked on an exciting project for KFC Arabia, collaborating with TBWA Raad and GoodPeople, the production company. Together, we brought to life a captivating campaign called 'The Originals', showcasing our expertise in tabletop filming.

Young, flashy and urban were the captivating words that best summarised the energy of the brief. Forget about the usual food shots and make way for a visual spectacle! Even the Colonel didn’t scare away to show his fresh dance moves for the main film, to tap into the young target group.

We inserted shots from the live action campaign into our tabletop films. Our journey took place in our state-of-the-art Amsterdam Studio, where we meticulously crafted the vision.

With our dedicated director, Natascha Brandt, leading the way with unwavering determination and boundless energy, we successfully delivered six 15-second CORE films and one 20-second LTO film. The opportunity to work with KFC of the Middle East again was particularly thrilling, and despite the tight schedule of one week for preparation and four days of shooting, we efficiently captured the essence of the campaign. To achieve a diverse range of captivating shots within this limited timeframe, we used cutting-edge equipment such as the Phantom camera, Alexa camera, Sony FX3, and even a GoPro.

Assisting Natascha throughout this shoot was the talented Director of Photography, Alejandro H. Madrid. Coming from Venezuela, their shared chemistry was evident from the moment they joined forces. An exciting challenge we faced during the shoot was seamlessly aligning our footage with the live action shots captured in Cairo. Our SFX team poured their passion into the project, creating over 10 rigs, including a fire-shooting rig and the precision-focused Eagle Drop Two, which delivered flawless vertical drops.

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