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Flying Chicken

a taste guarantee, what else could you wish for?

This was our first time shooting for KFC SA in Cape Town, and it definitely won't be our last. Receiving the project on Friday and flying down to Cape Town on Monday had us ready, energized and buzzing with excitement. KFC wanted us to create 6 films of 15 seconds in 4 shooting days, we had no time to waste. We loved collaborating with Ogilvy South Africa and With Milk Films because our cultures and work ethic work very well together.

''Taste Guaranteed'' was the name of the campaign as they wanted everyone to know that if they were unsatisfied with their order, KFC would swap it out for a new one. The talented Joris Noordenbos was our director, and he challenged himself to capture the chicken in a dynamic way that resonated with youth culture. His response to the challenge was flying chicken, soaring spices, and a whole lot of energy as it lifted the campaign to another level.

We had only one week to prepare the production, so we had to move fast. The DoP Simon Paul used the Phantom Flex high-speed camera and the Optex Excellence Lens to capture the midair food and spices in a beautiful slow-motion shot. We have FXpacs to thank for the fantastic rigs that sent ingredients flying perfectly through the air. They also created an epic rotating grip for a 180-degree circular motion around the products that drop down. The energy on set is the energy you see back on the screen; what a dream team.

This was our first shoot, where we worked to establish a solid KFC tabletop set. The client was so happy with us that they returned with new work. Sending us back to SA again!

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