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A Dream come Blue

A film introducing a Blue drink that is determined to Save our Planet

the Brief

It’s not often we get the chance to shoot a product that is blue. It’s also not often we get the chance to shoot a product dedicated to giving back to our planet. So when FUL, a sparkling turquoise soda made from Spirulina (a “climate positive” ingredient), asked us to create a film we jumped at the opportunity. Combining our expertise in shooting liquids while promoting a sustainable FoodTech product really got our creative juices going. And, to make things even cooler, this FoodTech brand is run by an all-female team in The Netherlands.

the Approach

Creating a beautiful film was not going to be hard — after all, FUL is the colour of the Mediterranean. Where the challenge lied was in creating copy that reflected the brand’s dedication to sustainability and health. As brainstorming begun, we realised what makes FUL unique is their commitment to giving back to our planet. We are so used to taking, that we forget to give back. Which lead us to developing the concept: FUL GIVES. It gives to our planet and it gives to our bodies.

When it came to shooting, we specifically designed shots that connected the band to our planet with a focus on health and innovation. This meant designing specific SFX rigs that would manipulate the product into forming waves and choreographed splashes. Capturing the product at high-speed, on a Phantom 4K, highlighted the mesmerising blue and innovation behind the product. With the combined talents of Erik de Koning, a liquids-specialist director, and Kristy Snell, a director with a playful edge, a highly technical, yet fun film was the end result.

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