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the ice-cream of your dreams

we created and shot your new favourite ice-cream brand

At Chuck Studios, we’re always on the lookout for a bit of a challenge. We’re a crew of foodies who love to shoot what we eat. This time, our number one summer craving caught our attention to explore a new commercial. Ice cream was something we wanted to explore further, and we decided to go for it.

A fun project deserved a meaningful name, inspired by our producer’s newborn baby girl: Bobby. The name was not quite there yet - it was missing its Italian twist, so Kristy decided to translate it into Bobbi. Stefano designed a mini visual identity, starting from the logo and styling the packaging using a colourful and appealing colour palette.

Kristy Snell jumped on board as the creative director, bringing all her lively ideas to life on set. Willem van Muijden, our SFX specialist, took strawberries to another level by building a catapult rig, which resulted in beautiful shots of strawberries clashing in mid-air. As for the background, dry ice was used to create some smoke. All these dynamic scenes were shot with the Phantom high-speed camera shooting in 4K.

Not only was the project a blast, but it also made its way into Quest Mag.

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