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Sensational Senseo

a 2 day coffee challenge with alternating sets for Senseo

We had the opportunity to work with Senseo to develop their multi-media campaigns to showcase their impressive array of machines. The production had many different outcomes, for example, launching their new Maestro machine or communicating special deals during Black Friday and End-of-year.

Shooting here in our Amsterdam studio, we created a dynamic set that could be transformed into four alternating sets. Meaning a hands-on approach with many props, many details, many cups of deliciously looking coffee and liters of coffee to reset. Making the best of the short two-day timeline we were working on. Our wonderful director Natascha Brandt took on the many facets of this production bringing home all the deliverables under the tight deadline.

This production was especially exciting because we were both the agency and production company. Therefore, we were in it from the start till the end, from creating the concepts to the final execution. Because of the short deadline, our dynamic set build gave us the upper hand on the ticking clock. We wanted the shots to look and feel natural, so we used the ARRI handheld camera, so the shots had some natural movement instead of being completely smooth. We were delighted to bring the Dutch ‘gezelligheid’ (coziness) and modern feel to the (new) line of Senseo machines.

The many deliverables were released on TV, online, Youtube, (D)OOH, print, and the radio.

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