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An all-round creative production for Jacobs

the briefing

When Jacobs, one of the world’s leading coffee brands, asks you to run a complete production with more than 250 deliverables you don’t hesitate to say yes! Which is not to say it was going to be easy. The timing was tight and and the task was huge. Unlike other productions, this time we were in charge of all the creative work.

the approach

Jacobs gave us 7 themes to work with: Winter Olympics, Cosy at home, International Women’s day, Sunday breakfast, Overtime, Shortest day of the year and Sunny morning. Before the themes could be translated into seven sets, we had to design a world that speaks the brand. Once that was created the art department got to work on building the sets.
To accommodate the time restraints, three sets were built in one studio where diffrent themes could be shot simultaneously. Co-directors Erik de & Joris Noordenbos and photographer Natascha Brandt worked along side each other moving between sets and capturing the assets needed.
At the end, we created beautiful assets that seamlessly fit within the Jacobs brand identity and visual identity. Plus, we are happy to report that no fights occurred during the making of these assets.

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