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A small set with a big effect

When a big idea turns into the tiniest production

Inspired by famed Japanese miniaturist photographer Tatsuya Tanaka, Erik de Koning set out to create a tiny world with a big vision.
For Erik, cute miniature landscapes were not what he had in mind; rather, epic, vast environments reminiscent of great sci-fi films like Dune and Blade Runner. However, drawing inspiration from such significant films meant the lighting and art direction had to bring the same amount of awe. To create the drama needed, Erik artfully constructed ton-sur-ton worlds where the lighting interacts with the sets and forms part of the environment.
Furthermore, wanting to pay homage to the craft behind these beloved brands, Erik selected mini construction workers to tell the story of creation and skill.
When it came to the execution, it was a one-man show. But, for Erik, working on the shoot alone was a refreshing experience. Commenting, “It helped me to focus on my creative idea without thinking of a deadline or what a client wants.”
To shoot perfectly straight lines, Erik used the Sinar technical camera. A camera often used to shoot architecture as it rectifies perspective distortion.
The final touches to the photos were made by our in-house grader, Tristen Mackenzie, who perfected the colours and made sure the products stood out in the monochromatic environments.

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