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A happy colourful shoot

Careem Food: a tasty colour palette to showcase different cuisines

This shoot was a different one due to the “long arm syndrome”. Our friend’s arm was a bit too long for our studio’s ceiling. So we headed towards Allard Studios and upscaled our ceiling game. A place with a lot of white and a lot of ceiling height.

Kristy directed three films shot in real time (25fps) using the Milo Long Arm to go way up high in her shots. Each film was colour coded to represent a specific cuisine. The monochromatic white space turned into a splash of colour through her vision, while our nail artist on set was nailing some nail stuff.

Two hands were not enough for the amount of food. A crew of three, including our in-house Vince, rolled up their sleeves and got into action. Hats off to Vince who embraced our ethos of sustainability by cooking a great lunch meal for us at Chuck Studios with all the leftovers.

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