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from tabletop to directing cows

Chuck Studios takes on live action and tabletop for Friesland Campina

TBWA \ NEBOKO reached out to us to create a new film for their Friesland Campina Biological yoghurt campaign.

This project was exciting because besides the table top we got to leave the studio and shoot some live-action shots on a beautiful Campina farm in Loenen aan de Vecht. This was the perfect opportunity for us to get back to live action. Olaf van Gerwen directed the female farmer, so no actors were included, and the real stars of the show were the cows. The live-action scenes were shot, while Erik de Koning, our liquids specialist, directed and shot all the tabletop. In addition to the tabletop video shots, Erik was the photographer for all still shots as well.

Campina wanted us to illustrate how fresh their biological yoghurt is. We showed the silky smooth texture followed by the source of the product, the farm. Blending the production and consumption together for consumers to see, and to close the gap between the final product and its origins.
We had two weeks of prep for the two-day shoot. Our SFX team did heavy testing to catch the perfect milk droplet. The floor needed a good cleaning when they were finished. When the live-action day finally came, the weather report said it would be cloudy and rainy. So the production team took a moment to pray for the sun to come out, and our prayers were answered with perfect weather for the shoot!

We utilized the Alexa camera and Movi camera movement system on our live-action set. Since we were out of the studio, we used the opportunity to use the natural sunlight as much as possible. In our Amsterdam studio, we shot with the Phantom high-speed camera for super smooth slow-motion shots. We were incredibly proud of the final results, and they were released online, (D)OOH and on TV.

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