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going up with 7UP

with pride we present 7UP’s newest global 2022 campaign “Up and Up”

the briefing

Sometimes great ideas stare us right in the eyes and suddenly….you see it. It felt a bit like that when our friends at 180 Amsterdam shared the brief for the new global campaign for 7UP. We’re asked to create a film for the soda brand, in which every possible thing represents ‘UP’. Movements, moods and glasses and thumbs - everything up!

the approach

This production was unlike other productions, dividing the film into two buckets. All the live-action shots were produced by OB Management, directed by Josh Cohen and shot in Cape Town, South Africa. Our very own founder Olaf van Gerwen flew over to supervise product and pack images and shoot one of the high-speed product shots (albeit in quite some variants!). The tabletop shots were shot here in our Amsterdam studios.

Olaf also directed last year ‘Zero Gravity’ campaign for 7UP. So he was familiar with the importance of intricate taste cues, such as the bubbles and fizz. For this film he wanted to make the ‘UP’ cues feel natural and logical: “Any image, movement or transition should never cause confusion or make the mind wander off. The ‘what a ride’ kind of sensation should be constant, uninterrupted, fluid and, above all, memorable!“.

The goal was to get viewers to naturally crave refreshment, the taste of lemon, lime and zesty bubbles. The product is at the very heart of this campaign. Intricate close-ups, meticulous lighting, fresh perspectives, exciting camera movements and manipulating time with high-speed image capture are the weapons of choice.

We would love to say this production went down all smoothly, but the world gave the teams some unique challenges. It’s safe to say it was quite a rollercoaster. Read the full behind-the-scenes here.

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