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At chuck studios we produce
The Best Tabletop
Food film and photography

Our purpose is all about making food the star of the film. Whether that is popcorn, ice cream, beer, iced tea, or french fries, we’re focused on celebrating every detail, texture, and pattern this world has to offer.

Here some of our Behind the Scenes
to show you how we get the job done.

Behind-the-scenes gives an unedited look into what is happening inside our playground. We reveal a part of our world and in-house expertise that helps brands tell their stories in the best possible way. Here is where the magic happens, as we speak. 

Special Effects (SFX) is an essential part of our work. Thinking about a specific shot is just the first part of the bridge. The second half is yet to be crossed, and that’s where we ask ourselves ‘how can we create this effect?’ or ‘how can we make this happen?’. That’s what makes this process complex, but extremely fun!

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