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It’s maybe a cliché to describe your company as being like family. And when you compare it to the terror and anguish so many parents, brothers, sisters, and children are suffering across Ukraine as we write these words, it seems almost profane.

Nevertheless, in a small business like ours, you inevitably get to know peoples’ lives beyond work – their spouses, their kids; the milestones of their lives.
To stand helplessly by while we see the lives of people we’ve worked alongside in Ukraine torn apart has been shattering. And the same is true of our close colleagues in Russia who, knowing that speaking out against the war has placed them in perhaps mortal danger, have had to flee their homes and their country – maybe forever.
But there are some left behind; brilliant talents who, until 2 weeks ago, enjoyed the same hopes and dreams for the future as all of us. They share our commitment to life and justice and need our support more than ever.

That is why we’re maintaining our operation in Moscow and continuing to be there for our colleagues and friends, wherever they are, as we work together on finding a path forward. Today and tomorrow, we’ll be there for them, for each other, and for the huge majority of humanity that opposes and will defeat this murderous and illegal war.


– Ellen, Olaf, Gert Jan