how we try our best to be socially responsible in our own small way

how we strive to be our best selves

diversity and inclusivity

Chuck Studios highly values diversity and inclusivity. As a female founded company, we strive to create a workspace in which everyone feels safe, comfortable and respected. No matter the colour of your skin, what you believe in or who you love. We actively pursue equal opportunities for all employees, applicants and suppliers.

production technology

We have banned energy inefficient Tungsten or HMI lights and have invested heavily in LED lighting technology. In front of the lens, we recycle set walls and panels until they break and we paint them with bio-degradable paint. Props are preferably bought at local stores instead of ordered online to minimise ‘prop mileage’. And plastic water bottles were kicked out looong time ago.

healthy food

We serve a vegetarian lunch: there’s enough tasty options available nowadays. It’s not only healthier and more sustainable, it’s also a playground where we discover new flavors and recipes!

Less waste

We separate all of our garbage for recycling purposes. We’ve eliminated countless coffee capsules by adding a coffee machine with beans. You’re always welcome to grab a cuppa!

Excess food

All food left from Chuck Studios shoots goes to the Rainbow Group, an organisation that supports people who suffer from social and economical poverty. You can imagine they love us as much as we love them.


Everyone in our team commutes by bike. Some in combination with public transportation. We use our beloved Chuck Van to transport equipment and other necessities towards shoots. After using the Chuck Van, we always make sure to compensate our CO2 emissions via Trees for all (
The same goes for traveling the world. When we fly…we compensate!

giving back

We believe that it’s important to give back to our community and the world. A couple of times a year, we organize charity activities in which the entire Chuck Studios team participates.
For example: we actively cleaned the Amsterdam canals by fishing plastic waste. At the start of Covid, we offered our expertise and skills to the Dutch Food Banks last year to help raise funds. And successfully so. If you know anything we can do to help our community or the world, or see ways we can improve our practices, please let us know via